Peter Eldridge and Kenny Werner with Strings (due out in 2019)

Greg Belisle-Chi- Book of Hours (due out in 2019)

Aubrey Johnson Sextet (due out in 2019)

Bob Lanzetti- Whose Feet Are These That Are Walking

Perry Smith Quintet- New Angel

Brian McCarthy Nonet- The Better Angels of our Nature

Duchess- Laughing at Life

Peter Eldridge- Disappearing Day

Jo Lawry- Taking Pictures

Amy Cervini- No One Ever Tells You

Amy Cervini- Jazz Country

Amy Cervini- Digging me Digging You

Kat Selman- Kat Selman

Brenda Earle Stokes- Right About Now

Rob Garcia- Rob Garcia's Soapbox

Birthmark- How You Look When You're Falling Down

Numinous (Joseph C. Phillips Jr.)- Changing Same

Dan Mills- The Culver Line

Dan Mills- Something Good

Foolish Hearts (Duo with Peter Eldridge)- New Definition 

Scott Morgan (Featuring Janis Seigel/Fred Hersch/Joel Frahm)- Songs Of Life

Prana Trio- The Singing Image of Fire

Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights- What a Zoo!

Sarah Kervin- Sarah Kervin

Mel Flannery Trucking Co- As it Turns Out

Mel Flannery Trucking  Co- White Flag

Peter Ehwald and Benedikt Jahnel- Double Quartet featuring Sara Caswell/Jeremy Kittle and Dan Weiss

Spencer Day- If Christmas Doesn't Kill Me 

Spencer Day- Mystery of You

Kelly Powers Trio- Kelly Powers Trio 

Crystal Monee Hall- River Train (one track only)

Philip Dizack- End of An Era (one track only)

Hotels and Highways- Lost River

John Tracy Eagan- On Christmas Morning

Erin Sheilds- I'd Rather Be Lonely

Kelley Suttenfield- Where is Love





Sound Tracks/Compilations

Hopes and Dreams: The Lullaby Project 

Carols for a Cure: Broadway's Greatest Gifts- Vol 9

Carols for a Cure: Broadway's Greatest Gifts-Vol 8

Carols for a Cure: Broadway's Greatest Gifts- Vol 9

A Self Made Man (Documentary)

No Job for A Woman: The Women Who Fought To Report WWII (PBS Documentary)